Frequently Asked Questions

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Why can't people connect to the web server on my PC?

Each site requires a domain to be able to promote in search engines and mark commercial activities. You must also have a domain so people can find your site.

What domain name should I choose for my site?

Select a local or commercial domain, as well as the length of the domain to install on your site. Our platform has a huge number of domains for different lines of business.

How to start creating a domain?

Start by creating new name servers for your domain. Each entry must point to a dedicated VPS IP address. Here you can easily do this using the domain control panel.

How can I make my website work without www. in front?

We can redirect a site from the www domain to without www. Thus, a domain with www can be specified in advertising, but driving in this address, the user will not even notice how it will automatically be transferred to the site without www.

I do not notice domain changes

Keep in mind that DNS propagation can take up to 24 hours, so you have to wait at least an hour or two before everything starts to work. To speed up the process, you can clear the DNS cache and browser cache. You can also use the online DNS verification tools to verify that your newly created zone is functioning.

My browser does not display the new domain

Refresh the page several times. Browsers (especially Google Chrome) keep the old version of the page in memory, so it often happens that the domain is connected and the changes are not visible

Do you provide warranties?

Yes, we guarantee you the smooth operation of the site with an updated domain. Please note that we are not responsible for errors in your local network.

What domain name should I choose for my site?

Ideally, if the name is perceived in the same way as in a letter. So that people do not make mistakes when typing a domain in a browser, it is better not to use letters that can be entered in several ways.

Why should I choose you?

We are a large international company with extensive experience. Our customers entrust us with the most complex tasks for developing a web business.

How much does your services cost?

You can see the price for our services yourself with  on the main page of the site. Keep in mind that the price may vary depending on the duration and size of the work.

Can I be sure of confidentiality?

We work on your site only on a separate uninterrupted hosting, so you can not worry about the loss or damage of your data.

Why does Internet Information Server want a password?

Every website starts with a great domain name. Hosting Gallery, as a leading domain registrar, offers you a wide variety of domains. Register or transfer your domain name in a snap.